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Why hello there...

The greater danger, for most of us, lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark... Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish.

- Michelangelo

Almost two years ago I put that quote up on my LJ and never would have thought it would have grown to be the mantra by which I exist...

Well, I'm still around. Very much so actually. Although I'm entirely bored with the internet and spending any amount of time on it, I thought I'd come back to pull the infamous "im back" that I always rolled my eyes to after a public message verbiating an LJ retirement. I'm still done, more or less, but since I have gone back occassionally to peruse through my thoughts and memories, I thought I'd put up an entry to look back upon at a major turning point in my life -- see what everything will look like in a couple years.

For those who've asked... I'm done with the intense involvement I formally had with Drum and Bass. I still love it immensely but the scene and even moreso, the mentality wasn't conducive to me living the productive lifestyle I wanted. That's a copout, for sure -- as we all have a 'choice' -- but I found company to be heavily influencing and decided to move on towards a greater balance. 'Defiant' is done, obviously, and Weston is now producing under the name GEIN with other Milwaukee guys, Abel and Ronnie from Habit. They're taring shit up right now and I'm proud of what they're doing ... definitely came a long ways, but I can't hold out hope on being the "next big thing" anymore. Even that wouldn't satisfy my goals right now. I've been planning for the future.

I'm in Milwaukee right now and have managed to move my way up with a company called The Edge Executive Marketing Group. I started out doing outside sales and promotions... needing money badly at the time and was willing to do it just for the promised paid training which was needed to pay my rent after moving back. Initially I wasn't sure if it was something I could do... it wasn't anything I've ever done before but in six months I was able to pass up about eight management trainees and get promoted to 'partnership' this month. I now do none of the sales and focus my time on developing leaders and my own organization (currently without a name), which I look to expand to five cities in the next twelve months... eventually moving back out to Socal and starting my main office in San Diego.

It's been a huge move for me... I'm finally working out of debt and in the coming year, all will cease. Really allowed me to focus on the big picture and hey, I'm getting old... I'm done playing. It was time to do or die. I've been doing about 80 hours a week.

If you don't like what you're getting out of life, change what you put into it.

The cause of almost all failure comes from the inability to recognize how close one is to success before deciding to quit.

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