Tony (orbisan) wrote,

A Gift to You! :P

so i relaxed today... had some drank, enjoyed a smoke and decided to spin a set of liquid funk.

for those unfamiliar with drum and bass, this is the kind of music you're going to want to have sex to and all that good stuff.;] this is the light side of dnb and a one that im not admittedly the most familiar with. so excuse some of the sloppy mixing (a lot?!), a pickup of the needle (dont ask!) and sit back and enjoy the music. ive included some really funky and soulful tunes... please give this a listen, especially those who have never enjoyed drum and bass before. i think this is something you've never heard... we're gonna be gentle here. :]


dj kalm - mirage
dj sky - all the things
badune (nu.tone?) - bag lady bootleg
? - easy boom
influx datum - take my soul
d.kay - quiet earth
klute - song seller
insiders - ?
mathmatics - booty conspiracy
rascal & klone - promises
mist - barracuda
mathematics - fantasy
mathmatics - ?
insiders - halo

download the mp3 (right click link and select 'save target as')

................... and since i know the question is coming: a 'defiant mix' will be coming as soon as we get our hands on at least one cdj for the house. stay tuned. :]
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