Tony (orbisan) wrote,

kinda weird to read this...


Defiant : Infinite / No Return - G2 Promo
''G2 never seem to get a day off, as the releases just roll out faster than I can review them. It's all good, however, since they are just about always bringing the goods. This single boasts two sick tech infused stompers that just roll and roll - like a pothead with a brand new bag of Northern Lights. The a side steals the show, though, and merely one listen is guaranteed to have you dancing on the ceiling, a'la Lionel Richie. Devastating drum edits and super potent sub tones ensure that the floor will be quaking, and the little techy bits up top ensure that all the booties will be shaking. So good I rhymed!!''

funny review, though... seems like yesterday we made that tune and started out three living situations ago.... now it's about a year old ... and you know ive wrote about wondering how well it's going to do because of that. we've learned a lot since then. all the online stores are sold out of promos and they usually get the most so that's a good sign. hope it sells out, then we'd buy an emu and mmm... some da converters. ;]

(this new bit here tho is HOT!)

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