Tony (orbisan) wrote,

Hollywood kru, see ya there!

expect to hear the freshest and baddest of tunes................ man, id love to drop some names but just trust me on it. ;]

(oh... and 'kevlar' will be played)
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21+ events get the gasface
i used to hate em too :/
Lol, yep.
i'll be 21 by then..
possible sat. night plan =)
what time is your set? dun wanna miss it and what not..
*woohoo* to you!
nice one cat!

pretty sure we go on at 12:30, but maybe get there early... the guys playin with us sent me some tunes and soundin pretty good so might wanna check out their cause. :]



August 27 2003, 10:38:30 UTC 14 years ago

anyone would want to run a weekly on a saturday night is beyond me.
i think with the overhead they have, even 100-150 people would be plenty good for this particular spot. la is big enough to support that, maybe not as much as it was even a year ago... and it's the databass crew, they know how to handle it. :]
I am so envious of the westcoast scene these days...

There's great nights and local DJS, I'm promoting my ass off around here, and things just keep slipping.
where you from, man? i always find myself wanting to check out some other spots, but i guess the grass is always greener. :P it's generally pretty active here tho!
it's 21+ ?! bebi can i go on this one ?! *cr0sses fingerz*

ps - k am off to work. love u lots kiddohz :-*
ill have to find out... hrm...